The purpose of clip in hair extensions is to give you extra volume, length, and beauty. At first, using hair extensions may seem very demoralizing, but trust us, you will fall in love with them.

The reason we believe that they are perfect is because they are very easy to use and maintain. They can give you extra length and a natural look.

Are clip in hair extensions safe?

With no need for additional heat, glue, or adhesives to apply, clip-ins are definitely safe to use. The lack of external energy use makes it very safe for your natural hair and skin. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but adjusting to them will take no time.

There is little to no time required to apply them, compared to other extensions. Trying on multiple colors and styles will be a matter of seconds.

Visiting salons is now a thing of the past because they are applicable at home with little to no help.


Due to their ease of use, they are available all over the market. You can choose from multiple sizes, colors, lengths, and even thicknesses to match your style and flair.

They don’t contain any alcohol or additional chemicals for application, so people prefer them more. With higher demands, shopkeepers tend to bulk up their stock. Check any store or brand like Nadula, and they will be available.


The best thing about them is that they can be used a thousand times and still be in perfect shape. The lack of heat and glue usage makes them very long-lasting. They should be cared for and washed carefully before and after every use to keep them in perfect shape.

The bulk usage makes them very cost-effective. Just buy one and, with proper maintenance, use it multiple times with no worries about damaging your natural hair.