Hair extensions are getting itchy, and you’ve had them for hardly 2 weeks? Stay calm, as you can alleviate itchiness. We know you look amazing in hair extensions, but walking on the street and scratching your head seems like a disaster.

Honestly speaking, itchiness is the most common problem, but there are various things you can try to solve it.

Finding the cause of itchy hair extensions

Hair extension might hurt your head with itchiness, but without effort, you won’t be able to find the reason behind it. For the time being, remove the extensions and try to figure out the problem, so a solution can be followed through.

Don’t cheap out on hair extensions because they can damage your real hair too. Buy hair extensions from a reputable brand like Nadula. Low quality extensions can shred into pieces only after a few uses, causing permanent damage to your own hair. If you love your hair, then make sure to check reviews and quality before every purchase.

Maintenance of your hair extensions and your own hair is a high priority. Improper care can damage both your real hair and extensions if not properly looked after. Use high quality products, like shampoo and conditioner, and wash both of them before and after every use.

Figure out if you are allergic to the materials used in extensions, or due to the products used for the maintenance of these extensions. Extensions are made from human hair or with the help of synthetic products like artificial fibers like acrylic or nylon. Figure out if you are allergic to them or not.

If you are using hair extensions for the first time and they are still itchy after 2 weeks, maybe you need time to adjust to them. But if the itchiness appears instantly after applying, it is not a major problem as they take time to adjust. Use your new extensions for a few hours, you will get in the zone. At first, they will feel heavy or bulky, but with time, you will adjust. Even sweating a lot can be a cause for it, be sure to use them in places with low temperatures.

Get rid of itchiness from hair extensions

First of all, be timely with all the cleanliness and maintenance of your hair and also extensions. Use high-quality products to save them from never-ending damage. Read the instructions, they will guide you on how to use them, clean them and even how to apply them. Follow all the tips and tricks to take care of your hair extensions. Remember, your hair extensions become itchy after using them for around 2 weeks, so it can be due to improper care.

Don’t get into depression yet, maybe you were just in a hurry this time and placed them forcefully. Go to the ladies’ room and try to loosen them up a little and check if they were pulling your scalp, causing the itchiness. If fitment is not the issue and you have just started to use them, wait for them to adjust. New extensions need time to adjust. Use them for a few days before ending at this conclusion.