No matter how much you love to flaunt your new style with hair extensions, they can have problems. Not blending into your natural hair color, or ending up with itchy hair after using it. Hair extensions can provide unique looks, new hair styles, or extra length, but also a few disasters.

You went with your gut for a new color, but hair extensions are pulling your scalp and causing a headache. Not feeling so beautiful with that pain after all.

Common problems caused by hair extensions

One of the most serious problems caused by hair extensions is matching with your natural hair. Even black may seem a common color, but that does not mean all black extensions will match. Check whether matte, dull or shiny contrast matches perfectly with your own hair.

Never cheap out while buying hair extensions. Get high quality extensions with brands like Nadula, because they don’t compromise on quality. Low quality extensions can shred your own hair, or make your scalp itchy and painful. Not just that, low quality extensions can damage the scalp permanently. So, growing natural hair will become impossible.

Another one of the problems with hair extensions is tangling. Hair extensions can tangle and become weak, and they are not natural hair that will grow again. Trying to untangle extensions, by even brushing them, can break them. After that, all you will have is more tangled and shredded hair extensions, and maybe your natural hair too.

The budget will always be a major concern. Not only in quality, but also in quantity. With extensions, if you are running pocket-friendly, then you will get a few extensions. Making you very limited on styling options. Every extension will provide a different style, but getting multiple extensions, and all in remarkable quality can be troublesome for your pocket.

How to get rid of these problems

Don’t start googling and trying every remedy out there. Take a deep breath, and get to the bottom of this problem. Just thinking about the problem is not the solution.

As discussed before, one of the most common problems caused by hair extensions is matching your color and contrast. Match the color and contast with all the time in the world. Once you are sure about it, only then make the purchase. Get a professional opinion from someone more experienced than you, just to be safe.

To be safe from tangles in your hair extensions, use the best service products out there. Tangling and shredding hair extensions can be easily removed from the list of problems. Every time you purchase an extension, read the instructions, and ask the salesperson for advice. The instructions and seller will guide you on the recommended products and the methods for how to use them, to provide a long life for your hair extensions.

Lastly, the most experienced people who work with hair extensions are workers in hair salons. In the beginning, go to them for any problem and advice. They have dealt with all types of wigs and hair extensions, and they can be the best teacher out there for hair extensions.