You woke up in a cheerful mood and want to shine as a hair extension technician. You love working on hair, but you have no clue how to be a professional. Well, focus up, because it is a very beneficial but very long road. Hard work and dedication will be your best friends if success is what you want.

Hair extensions are in style at the moment, and you don’t want to lose this lead. We are here to show you how to become a professional.

First of all, do thorough research on all types of hair and all the different kinds of extensions. You need to be sharp about which hair extension suits your client and which company provides a high-quality and long-lasting extension like Nadula. Have a keen eye on which color will match, or even the type of extension needed at the moment.

Learn all about how to maintain extensions because multiple products are needed for each and every extension. Practice how to dye all types of hair extensions and match the color quality of natural hair.

No matter how good you are, make sure to take classes to get hands-on experience, because only house practice or YouTube videos will not make you an expert hair extension technician. The best way to gain experience is to get a job in this field, because a job will teach you all the dos and don’ts. On the job, you will learn how to deal with clients in the real world. A client will have millions of requirements and last-minute changes, something the internet will not be able to explain to you.

After you learn all about the real-world training, make a portfolio and start marketing your services all over social media. Start by sharing with your friends and family, you can get easy clients with references from people you trust. Make a social media profile and reach people all across your location, making a name for your new brand. Start with freebies and bundles to attract customers and get high-quality reviews to reach another level.

Go out there, make your name, and earn money by doing something you love.