Having wispy or thin hair after using hair extensions can put you in a proper meltdown. You check your hair every now and then for hair falls and tangles, worried you may become bald. You have to accept that the damage is done, but now it’s time to find out the cure.

First, your hair extensions will feel itchy after using them for a few weeks, but later on, your hair fall will be as clear as day. You will start feeling your hair getting wispy or thin, but mostly it will be your anxiety. So be calm and make sure that your hair is actually damaged before checking out on how to repair it.

Do hair extensions cause wispy or thin hair?

Yes, but mostly it is your own fault. Hair extensions can weaken your natural hair for many reasons. First of all, the quality of extensions. If you use cheap or low quality extensions, they can be very dangerous. Always buy extensions for authentic brands like Nadula. They make sure that the quality and material used is long-lasting and safe, due to all the tests they go through.

Don’t buy heavy extensions, because they pull your scalp and make your natural hair weak. The weight and pulling puts a lot of tension on your head, causing hair loss. Use light weight extensions, so your head feels light and comfortable. Study what looks and feels good on your head and then make a purchase.

Proper installation and maintenance of your hair extensions.

Are you a beginner at hair extension journeys? Don’t be a know-it-all after watching a few tutorials. Installing and maintaining hair extensions needs a lot of practice. Your hair will become wispy or thin if proper maintenance and installation of hair extensions is not followed through.

For proper installation, shampoo and dry your hair, remove any knots and tangles from your hair. Brush your hair in-depth and then apply hair extensions. Be sure to use high quality extensions and check the mirror for a perfect color match. After use, remove all knots and tangles from the extensions and wash them with the recommended products. If your extensions are damaged, they will make your natural hair thin, wispy and dry.

If the instructions above or the ones available on YouTube are still not helping you. Visit a salon and get an experienced technician to guide you and teach you. Better safe than sorry, taking risks and ending up with damaged hair will make you regret all your life.