Want to look fabulous and purchased new weave extensions? We will guide you on how to make easy & quick hairstyles with weave extensions.

Every women in this world dreams of having long & beautiful hair, but if you are unlucky, get hair extensions. With hair extensions like weave, new hairstyles are becoming very easy. You can get a new hairstyle for every other occasion.

Black hair women have commonly used weave extensions since ages. With black hair, the true beauty of weaved hairstyles rises. The list can go up to hundreds of different styles. So choosing only 3 was a very big task.

Why weave extensions are used for quick and easy hairstyles

Weave extensions are sewn into your hair, making them very long-lasting. Brazilian, Indian, curly, straight, or wavy, the variations for weaves go on and on. Due to a long list of options available, they are easily available at any store like Nadula.

With proper care, weaves are very low maintenance, compared to other extensions. Lasting several weeks, benefiting work hard play hard women.

Hairstyles with weave may be quick and easy, but no maintenance can make them very itchy. Like your natural hair, weaves can also be damaged if not looked after.

Here are the top 3 easy and quick hairstyles with weave extensions:

Beach Weaves

One of the easiest and the most popular looks out there. Beach weaves are safe because they don’t start at the root of your hair, but attach to your natural hair. The most basic and used daily tools available in your makeup closet can help you achieve beach weaves easily.

Start with the extensions matching naturally with your hair, straighten your own hair, then attach the extensions. If a curling iron is available, start curling small strands of hair to test them out.

Without a curling iron, a hair straightener or a flat iron can also do the magic. Use any of them, but vertically and not horizontally to be safe from hair burns. In nearly 10-15 minutes, you will look like a Disney Princess.

The last method is painfully long, but definitely works. Yup, you guessed it, it’s a curling headband. Install it on your head overnight, and have long-lasting beach weaves in the morning.

Braided Hair with Weave

Braid your hair with weave extensions, to achieve millions of easy and different hairstyles every day. Long or short hair, braid weaves look good on all types of hair.

Remove all knots and tangles, and select the most beautiful extensions. With clips and/or hair ties, divide your hair into sections, to make this process quick and easy. Working on hair without sections becomes very messy and can also damage your hair.

With small sections, managing hair will not be a problem. Pick one section and start braiding your hair. When reaching the end, remember to secure the ends.

Ponytail Weave

Most common, easy & quick hairstyles made with weave extensions are ponytail weaves. With sharp looks on medium to long hair, a ponytail weave can never go wrong. A very simple-to-do hairstyle, with a sun-kissed summer look that looks good on all occasions.

Pull your hair back to create a simple ponytail. Add weave extensions to add color, volume or length to beat the edge. Ponytail weave is made in hardly a few minutes, making it the easiest, but still the most beautiful looking hairstyle.

The best feature of ponytail hairstyles is that they increase the beauty of any type of face and hair color. Making it a very fun and versatile option.