In a mood to look amazing again? Hair extensions can never go wrong in helping you out.

Extensions can help in adding hair volume, new color, extra height or even to try out a new style.

You display your personality with the hairstyle and clothing you put on.

But you need to practice and maintain extensions regularly to achieve a natural look.

Because putting on an extension is easy, but making sure it lasts long is very difficult, but to make it easy make sure to follow these tips.

Proper Brushing

Your extensions need to be brushed very gently, because once broken they cannot grow again.

Brushing your extensions gently requires a soft-bristled brush or a wide-tooth comb

Airbag brushes like the one available at Nadula are very safe for your extensions.

Make sure to brush out knots and tangles, because they will simply make your extensions absolutely trash.

Brush more than twice a day and apply low pressure to keep the extensions in perfect shape.

Install hair extensions correctly

Multiple types of extensions are available, like clip in, sew in tape in or even one that can be applied with glue.

Make sure to select the one according to your needs.

Brush and remove any tangles from your natural hair first, so it doesn’t get tangled with the extensions.

Don’t apply force, be calm and careful.

If glue is required, don’t over use it.

Washing hair extensions

Make sure to remove tangles and straighten (if required) before and after every use.

Wash every single weave equally or one will become different than others.

Use professional products, with good reviews and history.

If you are a first timer or trying any new product, make sure to test it out on a single weave first.

Rinse and dry thoroughly before and after every use.

Protect from heat

Heat protective sprays are the superheroes for saving the extensions.

But high temps from the blow-dryer are also very harmful, so make sure to use low heat.

After every wash, dry the extensions with natural air, direct sunlight can be very harmful.

Don’t use any type of iron on it without heat protective spray, or at high temperatures.

use professional products

Hair extensions can be damaged permanently, so they require proper treatment.

Make sure to get high quality shampoos and gels to keep them long lasting.

Check all the reviews and ask around other users to be sure what you are getting.

Still, testing out a little first will be way better than destroying the complete set.

Use all products on a little weave to be sure you get the perfect results.

Make sure to follow all these steps to keep your extensions in perfect shape and condition.