First time in search of hair extension? Clearly, you are freaking out about the options available in the market. Your friends love the human hair extensions, but you prefer the synthetic ones.

Only friends and family suggestions will not help you out, but a proper research will. Your research will depend on the style, budget, maintenance and also the feel you get wearing the extensions.

Be sure to know the difference, and also the pros and cons between them before making your decision.

Human hair

Simply made from the natural hairs, to give you the perfect feel and look as your natural hairs provide. Expensive compared to synthetics, but because they are real human hair, they can last up to 3 years.

The processing and testing they go through decides whether they will be long lasting and beautiful. That’s why, get them from a reputable source like Nadula.

The number of benefits of human hair, compared to synthetic hair extensions are many. They look and feel very natural, are extremely long lasting, can be styled in many ways and can also match your natural hairs.

However, they are very expensive and require premium products like shampoo and oils to keep them in top shape. They also react very badly to humidity and certain weather conditions.

Synthetic hair extensions

Made from a number of synthetic materials like Nylon, Polyester or Acrylic. Due to no signs of human hair in them, costing reduces a lot.

The life of synthetic ones depends on their management throughout the usage and storage. Lasting from a few months to two years.

The reason they keep a name in the market is because they are very cheap, and are also pre-styled. With a higher number of variety and colors available, hair styles can be changed every season.

Still, synthetics’ cannot provide the color or shine like the ones made from real hair. They cannot be bleached, or dyed to a new color.