Halo hair style is gaining popularity, like the kardashian family, with demands from everyone around town. Halo is a quick and easy problem solver, wearing it hardly takes a few minutes.

Getting ready for the office with little to no time? Boost your looks instantly with it, with the comfort of keeping your real hair safe. Giving you time to have a good Queen’s breakfast, and not stand in front of a mirror for hours.

Using multiple products like oil and sprays can give you a one-time look, but not every day. No one has that much time every day to deal with hairstyles, but with extensions it will take no time.

Choosing the perfect extensions for your halo hair style

Picking any hair extension from a well known brand like Nadula is not an answer here. Picking a perfect one requires thorough study and review, one that matches your hair color, texture and style.

A hair extension that will look natural in sync with your real hair, but suitable thickness is also compulsory.

Ask your friends and family about them, but also check the reviews of other users online or offline. Consulting with a professional hair stylist can be very helpful.

How to apply

Applying the hair extension to achieve the perfect halo is only a few steps, but it still requires a little practice. Don’t worry, nobody is born with all the skills in the world. Take out some free time and start practicing.

Start by washing your hair and brushing out any knots or tangles, blow dry or towel dry your hair. Position your halo at the perfect angle and brush them with your natural to mix them perfectly.

Follow the instructions provided with the halo extension to make sure it sticks, because no one looks good in a falling extension.

To style your halo perfectly, use your dryer or curling iron(if required), but be light and don’t burn it up. You can grow your natural hair again, but not the extensions.

To make sure it stays on your head, follow the instructions carefully and also use hair spray or gel to keep it in place.

Just the application of extensions is not everything, but keeping them in perfect condition is also extremely necessary. Keep them at the recommended temperature at all times, tidy them up before and after every use. The products recommended for the maintenance should only be used, to make sure they are a one-time purchase and not a purchase you have to make every month.