Buying hair extensions is one thing, but the maintenance cost of hair extensions is another thing.

Whether you are in search of extra depth, new color or simply extra volume, hair extensions can help.

People always question how much an average hair extension costs? But what about the maintenance of them?

The average cost of hair extensions is well around $20 to $3000, depending on the quality, color, real hair and much more. However, just shopping for a beautiful extension from a highly recommended brand like Nadula is not the end of the line.

But, just like your beautiful and natural hair, extensions also demand your support for a long and healthy life.

They require help with products like hair shampoo, conditioners and also a proper blow dry. Salon Visits every month is also necessary.

Cost breakdown of hair extensions maintenance.

To keep looking like a queen, some expenses will be required by these extensions, and we will break them down for you.

  • Salon Visits.
  • Hair products.
  • Proper tools.

Salon Visits.

Everyone needs help from a professional, because no matter how good you are, you can’t be perfect at everything. The salon will charge you somewhere near $40 to $100, depending on the work required.

You may need help with attaching extensions and keeping them in perfect condition. The professionals will guide you about the products that are perfect for your specific extensions.

If you have never applied hair extensions before, the salon will be a better guide than some YouTube expert. We all make mistakes being a beginner, so visiting a salon for application is never a bad call.

Hair Products.

You fall in love with your hair after shampoo and conditioning. So why treat your extensions any differently, treat them with the same love.

You should contact the brand or store from which you purchased the extensions, and request their suggestions. After all, they deal with this stuff, so they know the best.

Secondly, reviews and recommendations can never go wrong. Google the products and study the review section.

After purchasing the perfect products, take out some free time and start with a proper hair wash. After a proper wash, shampoo and conditioner your hair, remove tangles and knots. Use a proper hair dryer or straightener to get them in perfect shape again.

Proper tools for maintenance of hair extensions.

It’s very fun and exciting to treat your hair, but without the necessary tools, it’s a waste of time.

Always use the best quality products of irons or curlers. Weak products can end up being your biggest nightmare.

No matter how little work is required, one mistake can cost you badly.