Choosing the perfect hair extensions can be very difficult, window shopping and loving everything is not the answer here. You want something that blends perfectly with your own hair.

Real human hair extensions are the only ones that will provide the Cinderella effect you are going for. The fake ones may look good but won’t come near the perfection you are looking after.

Perfect length for hair extensions

If you get the length of hair extensions wrong, you are at a total loss. Length is a key point in your guide towards perfection.

Personal styling preferences are to be looked after, but it should also match your natural hair and the event for which you are all worked up.

Decide whether you are in a mood for more volume, length or simply a little fleck of a similar color.

Picking the right color and texture

Only quality and perfect length will not be enough, you also need to look out for the color and texture. Make sure to match color and texture with your natural hair, and get the suitable result you are looking for.

Check out a color palette and select the exact color you desire. After that, checkout an extension from a suitable brand like Nadula.

Getting the perfect texture with hair extensions will not be as easy as matching the color. Everyone has different hair, and matching yours will require a few experiments, but make sure to get natural hair extensions.

Extensions are available in multiple varieties, like curly, straight or wavy, but if you select the one that is absolutely opposite to your natural, your day will go to waste. Take your time and pick the one that is the same, or similar to the naturals you flaunt.

Budget check on hair extensions

Whether you are buying a phone, a house, or even hair extensions, budget will always be in mind. Perfect hair extensions do not mean the most expensive ones. Choose the one you love, but remember that it is not a one-time expense. Hair extensions like Halo require multiple products to maintain, like extensive shampoos and high end hair dryers.

Make up your mind how much you are willing to spend on purchases and to make sure it remains perfect. Explore both varieties, human hair or synthetic hair, check out in which range both of them are available. Remember, that you have to consider not only the purchase cost, but also the cost of its preservation.

On low budget? Still remember, that low quality extensions will not last long. So buying another one every week will show up as a bigger hurdle than spending once more.

Get professional help

Pictures cannot provide all the answers, but a professional can. They know more than a beginner like us, and can guide us to save us from some trouble. It may cost a little but, making a mistake and purchasing a new one every other day can become more expensive.